BISON Tumbler Set 2 AGEAN


Brian Tunks Cut Glass Iguassu Tumbler Set x 2 (Agean) by Bison Home Glassware

Brian Tunks Cut Glass Iguassu Tumbler set of Two

10.5 x 8.5 cm, 300 ml, each approx.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash only.

Brian Tunks, founder of Bisonhome, lives and works in Canberra. He attended school in Scandinavia and later trained in ancient history and archaeology at the Australian National University. His post-graduate training included regular archaeological digs in the Middle East, where he excavated an ancient Hellenistic site overlooking the Euphrates River. His experience - of unearthing and analysing ancient pottery and glass - added enormous depth to the Bison design aesthetic, which can be seen throughout the Bisonhome collections.


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