When Less Becomes More


Emily Ley's warmth and down-to-earth nature flow out of the pages of her books and social media outlets, making her feel like a trusted friend to so many women. Her status as a working mom with a successful business and busy schedule make her relatable and qualified to talk about a variety of topics and current felt needs women face.

Filled with beautiful four-color photography, tips, lists, and journaling spots to help women think through things like their own personal wellness, boundaries, vulnerability, anxiety, paring and pruning, balance, and developing self-awareness.

While Grace Not Perfection emphasizes Emily's journey towards simplicity and invites readers into a more intentional lifestyle from the inside out, this book delves into the topic of balance. Emily's personal experiences with physical burn-out, pursuing health and wellness, and pulling back from certain areas of life for a season will translate for readers looking for ways to simplify their routines and feel better. More than just zoning out with mindless media, Emily walks readers through a new version of Òme timeÓ that will better serve their body, soul, mind, and heart. She'll help readers discover ways to live minimal and meaningful lives, to find true contentment while still committing to healthy personal growth, and to be grateful for this good life.


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