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Slip Silk Pillowcase

Designer: Slip


 These gorgeous Silk Slips make for the perfect gift for that special someone with everything!

Traditional pillowcases don't slip, causing damage to hair and delicate facial skin. SLIP SILK allows your skin to glide, whereas cotton scratches and tugs on delicate facial skin, resulting in premature stretching and sleep-crease. Cotton also dries out your skin and hair. It even twists your hair at the root as you sleep, which causes bed head in the short term and can damage your hair in the long term. 

 You won't look back once you try one of these AMAZING silk pillowcases! 


international standard / queen 
51cm x 76cm (20" x 30")
made using slipsilk™
100% pure silk
highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk
22 momme 
certified non-toxic dyes
includes 1 pillowcase


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