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Moe Moe Big Tear Drop Earrings

Designer: Moe Moe


The Moe Moe Big Tear Drop Earrings are super fresh and fun with big wow factor and small weight factor. Don't be fooled by the size of these danglers, you can comfortably keep them on all day long! Their special hook design means you can also flip the tear drops over to show the subtle, brushed silver finish instead! Live on the wild side and go bold by wearing some big-ness to add some extra oomph to your day!

Designer Notes 

  • handmade in Australia
  • the most elegant statement earrings for any occasion
  • wear these earrings 2 ways
  • reverse the panels to reveal brushed silver alloy
  • inspired by the luxurious bohemian aesthetic our in house-artwork 'Speckles' has been created with maximum wearability in mind
  • tan based with white spots
  • sterling silver hooks
  • 7.6cm long including hook, 4.2cm wide
  • 5.7 grams each

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