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Binny Tree of Life Ruffle Pant - White Citrus

Designer: Binny


The tree of life is a widespread myth related to the concept of a sacred tree of knowledge connecting to heaven and the tree of life, bringing together all forms of creation. Goodness me and here we are talking about pants it feels wrong.

BUT we love so much of the art we see in India picturing the tree of life and in turn felt we had to create our own. And thus the self named pant after the most loved hand-painted print of this collection is here in pant form. Palazzo pants are our tree of wardrobe life in summer as no having to worry about the leg situation. Immediately you feel like a character in a Slim Aarons image, slouching around a pool with a martini glass, a sobranie cigarette and a very deep real tan #sorrynotsorry.

Cotton linen perfect summer palazzo pants with oversized ruffle hemline. Beautiful border print detail on hem and waistband. Elasticated back for easy fit.

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