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Binny Gulab Jamun Stripe Shirt - Green Stripe

Designer: Binny


Gulab Jamun are like the doughnuts of India. Like the Indians reviewed our loved by all simple fare and said I'll see your cinnamon & sugar round fried dough and raise you a melt-in-your-mouth, milk flavoured dumpling soaked in rose-flavoured sugar syrup. Stop it. 

So we took that next level sweetness philosophy and gave it to our namesake shirt. Candy bright cotton striped sweet colours with matching grosgrain trim ribbon & contrast stitch buttons. 

Crisp cotton, high low shape with room in the arms to roll up. Throw it on, tie it up or tuck it in - it doesn't matter it's always going to look good. Will suit any frame, shape or style.

Definitely buy both colours, it's like going to the shops for milk & bread. #musthave #essentials

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