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Tiff Manuell Large Clutch


Designer: Espial Interiors + Gifts


Tiff Manuell creates hand-crafted pieces of art for you to wear, designed to bring colour and happiness into the lives they land in.

Tiff hand paints her bright and fresh art onto canvas, each canvas to be constructed into a limited number of high quality clutches and accessories by her small team in Adelaide, South Australia.  

We stock Tiff's newest collections in store. If you would like more information on current stock, or to purchase a clutch, please call us on (07) 3843 4000 or email, and we would be happy to send you photos of our available clutches! 


Please note, not all clutches shown are available, so please get in touch with us before making a purchase.

Product Details

Need more space to be yourself in? We get it. More space means more art and more fun! Grab a Large Tiff clutch, easy to take wherever you’re planning on being fabulous at next.

Materials: Hand painted canvas, PVC cover, cotton lining with velcro closure.
External size: 295mm x 210mm
Internal size: 255mm x 195mm

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