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Where is the Love?

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Oh Valentine’s Day, you are quite the controversial one. 

So many people I know ‘love to hate’ the day of love.  Me included sometimes.  All the crook cards, service station flowers and unrealistic expectations.  Since when did a dozen red roses, on a set day of the year, say ‘I love you’?  Pick me a frangipani or blow me a kiss across the room anyway.

But following your heart is always a good idea, so I’m thinking it’s time to hit the reset button people and let’s bring back the love for Valentine’s Day.

 Do whatever makes you happy.  Spend time with whoever makes your heart glad.  Your mates, your pets, your family, your… SELF!!

Give yourself a little gift of love.  Go for a long walk, have your nails painted sparkly, meet a special friend for coffee (or Rosè!), buy a coffee for the person in line behind you, burn your special candles, wear your fancy clothes, pop the fizz that you’ve been saving for a special occasion.  Even if you just stop, go outdoors and sit in the sunshine for ten minutes.  And smile, always smile because you are amazing and you ARE LOVED.

I’m hoping to finally crack into my boxed set of ‘Will & Grace’ DVD’s that I received for Christmas about three years ago.  I’ll light a candle and pop a bottle of fizz… trust me, Steve will love it!  haha!

Whatever you do, have a beautiful day on 14 February!

Lots of Love,



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